Brooke B.

BUSAR is an amazing group of people, who volunteer and sacrifice their time away from their family and loved ones to help other families in their time of need. They worked from sun up to sun down to look for someone they never met, my son. Their love, passion, and knowledge of their missions gave our family the hope and reassurance that our family needed in our darkest days. We can never thank BUSAR enough for all they did for us.

Carolyn D.

On the day of July 30, 2018, my son and his best friend went canoeing. They left around noon that day and had told us that they would be home no later than 7pm. When 7:30pm came and went, then 8:00 rolled past and there was no word from them, we started to get concerned. Of course, as a parent your mind wanders to the worst of events, did they drown? Are they hurt? Are they stuck? Around 8:30 I decided to call 911 and report them missing. Officers came out and immediately went into action. They located both vehicles and figured out where they suspected the boys must be. The boys were on Abrams Creek, a stretch of about nine miles, that consists of rough and isolated land.That was when BUSAR was called to help. I received a call from a Park Ranger around midnight and spoke to him several times over the next couple of hours. He told me the plan and reassured me that he knew the boys had not drowned as he knew the creek was very low. He told me he suspected they had just ran out of daylight as the trip takes far longer to complete then the boys had allowed. The group was on the ground by morning. They had a plan of entry based on where they suspected the boys were, based on where the vehicles were parked and amount of time they had traveled. It was obvious that this group knew what they were doing. They found the boys within a couple of hours wet, cold and my son was injured. They wrapped his foot as he had a huge gash in his heel, gave them food and water, and then walked the boys out to safety. As a parent, I could not have spent another night with my son in the woods and was so thankful these men were willing to help him and his friend make it home safely. As a mother, their service was priceless.