BUSAR is currently not recruiting. If you are interested in being notified of the next recruitment period, send your resume (template below) to busarfoundation@gmail.com


BUSAR recruits should have a minimum of ten years outdoor experience and superior levels of fitness. Preference will be given to candidates that have backgrounds in off-trail hiking, emergency medicine (EMT-P), search and rescue, technical rescue, and swiftwater rescue experience. Only local applicants will be considered. The application process is as follows:


1. Complete  BUSAR Resume Template

2. Make sure you have completed the following and include your certs with your application:       

3. Include a current emergency medicine certification (minimum standard is first aid and CPR)

4. Include any other relevant certifications

5. Include two professional references

6. Email your resume and certifications to busarfoundation@gmail.com

7. After reviewing the resume and certifications you may be invited to interview and workout with the team. You will need a 45 pound kettlebell and a SAR pack. Suggested packing items can be found here: BUSAR Pack List

8. After your workout/interview, you may be invited to the initial tryout for the team. This includes the following:

  • Functional Movement Screen - Minimum Score of 14
  • 3 mile pack test with 45 pounds in under 45 minutes (USFS pack test), followed by additional 30 minutes up and over a picnic table with your SAR pack (~15 lbs.) and a 45# kettlebell
  • 230 pound trap bar deadlift - as many reps as you can do with good form in 1 minute (minimum is 15)
  • Burpee pack pullups - as many reps as you can do in 10 minutes with your SAR pack (~ 15 lbs.). Minimum standard is 60

9. Upon successful completion of the fitness test, you will be asked to submit your Individual Development Plan (IDP) for review by the team. The IDP format will be provided and can be submitted online.

10. Candidates will be scheduled for a Land Navigation Competency Course that consists of both written and field tests. 

11. Resumes, interview notes, references, certifications, fitness scores, Land Navigation Competency Course (LNCC) scores, and Individual Development Plans will be reviewed and team member openings offered to qualified candidates.

12. If accepted onto the team, then you will have to complete the final online training (Aviation 100) and administrative paperwork.


There is a six month probationary period and new team members will be required to provide their own operational gear during this time.

All members of Team BUSAR have to reapply annually (fitness test, IDP, admin paperwork)